23 July, 2024

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Time Not for Impartiality, but Decisions

Adhikar/July 2011 Time Not for Impartiality, but Decisions Book criminal suits against several politicians including the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri. Y.S. Yediyurappa. This is not a demand of the Opposition parties in the state, but therecommendation given by Justice Santosh Hegde, the Lokayukta of Karnataka in his report. The report came in the wake […]

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Forced Or Spontaneous Development?

Adhikar/May-june 2011 Forced Or Spontaneous Development? Land grabbing for industries and developmental projects. This land grabbing has become a cause of concern to the government, industrial houses as well as the public. Till yesterday, the people of Jharkhand as well as other mineral rich regions were crying themselves hoarse against this loot of land. But […]

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A Political Abortion

Adhikar/Aug 2011 A Political Abortion The Anti-Corruption Campaign led by Anna Hazare and his team has succeeded in getting a particular class of people align with his movement, who were till now unprepared to think of anything beyond own profit, which is a positive contribution of the Campaign. But at the same time, this Campaign […]