23 July, 2024


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The four concentric circles are an important symbol for us Indigenous peoples.  Similar symbols can be found in various ancient cave frescos and paintings around the world from present day Australia to Africa to Mexico.  They also exist in the thousand years old Karanpura rock paintings at Hazaribagh, Jharkhand (India) where our ancestors took shelter during transit.  In our Adivasi (the Indigenous Peoples of Jharkhand prefer to be know as Adivasi meaning first people) tradition white symbolizes death and the colour red, life.  Even today when a child is born and he or she dies and leaves our community, four dots in red and white are marked on the forehead, indicating that our presence on this earth is eternal.

The symbol among many other meanings symbolizes that our relationship with all life forms is egalitarian or non-hierarchical.  Individuality is a unique gift of nature and individualism is alienating and life threatening.

Present trends indicate that the expropriation character of Civilisation, Modernisation, Colonisation may soon wipe out our community, customs and traditions.  This symbol therefore has its importance in the work that we have set for ourselves as a Jharkhandi civil society organisation.